Working together or just together at work

Together at work, or working together?

Missing connections across the team has a major impact on the level of ownership, mutual trust, mutual understanding, pleasure and ... and the result that has to achieve.

We believe in the potential of genuine collaboration

We give courage to teams and individuals in organisations to do things differently, to shift the focus slightly to achieve individual and common goals.

Wanna take on the challenge?

Are you noticing:

Highly Experienced Trainers


Our expertise lies in the broad spectrum of trainer, training actor, (senior) consultant, chair of OR, change expert, organization consultant, team coach, coach, HR Advisor, team member, employee, self-employed, daughter, partner, and mother. These roles have shaped us, and that we continue to take with us as we move forward. 

This allows us to switch between focusing on content to process, and to work on mutual relationships that build a strong foundation for the complete team. 


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