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Team collaboration according to us

What do we do? It's been a sticking point to answer in a single sentence, or even two or three. Yet it pays to be able to let such a sentence roll off your tongue with confidence. What is your Unique Selling Point, or U.S.P. To be honest, when asked, I had a tendency to ramble about. The healthy area of team collaboration is sometimes just too broad.

I know what I do, and how I help teams. it can be difficult to explain in just one or two sentences. As an entrepreneur sometimes you just have to keep to the point, I often hear! That is why I recently kicked myself out of my comfort zone, and arrived at the Open Coffee XXL, a small event organised for entrepreneurs in and around The Hague, and Rotterdam. In at the deepend with a round of "business speed dating".



Of course the question soon came up. "Eeeuh, I am an experienced trainer, process supervisor, improver and training actor" I said. "Nope," I thought, "that doesn't cover it!"

"I offer support for team collaboration, for example with changes" I tried on another victim. Bah! Yes, of course that's a part, but it suddenly sounded silly! Where's the impact?

In the meantime, speed dating continued. we all started to loosen up a bit. I blurted to the next candidate, meanwhile happy and somewhat reckless: “Me? I'm filling your gap, baby! Interested?"

My dating partner almost choked with fright in his coffee. "Eh, totally businesslike!" I stammered. “You know, in the field of fruitful team collaboration, creating understanding, generating trust, offering a facilitating structure? Eeh, no, would you rather not? "

Well, I thought later, was that sentence unintentionally a bit too short, and probably interpreted as just a bit smutty? Oops! Later I sat for coffee, and considered from which line of thought HetFundament originated:

After years of working in international industry, as a supervisor of change, improvement and cooperation processes, I came to the following insight:

I am fundamentally convinced that looking and doing things just a little bit differently involving collaborating, changing and improving, has major positive consequences for achieving sustainable results in team collaboration.

So what does HetFundament do for good cooperation? Building healthy team relationships, mutual understanding, paying attention to understand each other (better), really listening. To understand what you do in the dynamics of working together and what is both obstructing and promoting it. If you do that, it makes it easier to build better team collaboration for improvement or change, in which everyone takes their role; from employee to team leader, staff member to management.

And last but not least;

Something that is of fundamental importance; that we collectively support and promote the fun and pleasure of working together. That we breathe some air back into our potentially fixed interaction patterns and work processes. Humor and a little play lead to movement, and that is precisely so important in a serious working environment.

Mens, durf te leven!" Sang Ramses Shaffy, Willeke Alberti and also, a little later, Wende Snijders in that beautiful classic. An ode to start enjoying life a little more, to get rid of the usual paths a little more. "Man, if you are busy, then dare to play a little more, to fail, to laugh." I welcome that.

"And, playing woman, what have you learned in the meantime?" I hear you thinking. Well, at the end of the day it is all about making genuine contact; a real connection with yourself and the other. That the line "1 to 2 full sentences" may not have to be taken very literally.

And so I finally come to my conclusion and my provisional sentences:

 "Me? I support building a foundation for better team collaboration, in which mutual understanding, trust, flow and fun are central. Why? Because working together on a sustainable result becomes so much more fun when we start doing it together! "