Expertise from our experienced trainers

Broad exposure to different roles supports our experts

Our expertise lies in the broad spectrum of trainer, training actor, (senior) consultant, chair of OR, change expert, organization consultant, team coach, coach, HR Advisor, team member, employee, self-employed, daughter, partner, and mother. These roles have shaped us, and that we continue to take with us as we move forward.

This allows us to switch between focusing on content to process, and to work on mutual relationships that build a strong foundation for the complete team.

We understand how organizations work, and - in addition to our experience - we have a huge passion for team dynamics and the impact the team has on each individual.

We have deep experience across sectors of the economy, including manufacturing and industry, food industry, education, social domain, and healthcare.

We are both teacher and student. We are constantly reflecting and evaluating the presented work environment. The art of including people in their learning process is knowing how that prcess impacts each individual.

We love to challenge ourselves, even through tough and difficult circumstances. meaning we have the resources to guide people through their learning process and achieve their common goals.

We inspire organizations, teams, and individuals. We provide tools for learning, growing and developing in order to use the individuals and collective potential! We do this in an open, personal, light and fun manner.

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