Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Het Fundament


Article 1: Offer Validity Period


A proposal issued by Het Fundament for facilitation, advice, training and / or guidance will remain in force for a maximum of one (1) month.


Article 2: Assignment Formulation


The assignment is accepted by Het fundament on the basis of the assignment formulated jointly by the parties. With the acceptance of the assignment, Het Fundament ensures the designated task to enable the client in facilitating, advising, training and / or supervision will take place as quickly as possible. Het Fundament will make every effort to ensure the achieve intended result.


Article 3: Composition of Advisor and / or Facilitator Team


The assignment is carried out by those agreed with by the client's designated representative. In the event of illness or prevention due to force majeure, Het Fundament will nominate another facilitator, or if this is not possible or desirable, in consultation, will move the training to a different date. In this case, no mutual claims can be accepted and the amount stated in this quotation will be maintained.


Article 4: Client Information

In order to make optimum use of the Het fundament expertise and expertise of the client, Het Fundament must be able to count on the cooperation of the client's management team of the organization either directly or indirectly involved in the assignment. For a proper execution of the assignment it is necessary that the client gives every cooperation to gain access to information that is important for its proper execution.


Article 5: Confidentiality


With regard to the data and information provided to Het Fundament in the context of the assignment, Het Fundament will exercise the greatest possible care to ensure the utmost of confidentiality. Without the strict consent of the client, Het Fundament will not provide this data or information to third parties.


Article 6: Changed Circumstances


With regard to changed circumstances or scope of the assignment. If circumstances lead to changes in the assignment specifications, Het Fundament will immediately inform the client of this and, in consultation with the client, ensure adequate reformulation of the assignment. 

If it is not possible to execute the assignment within the agreed budget, Het Fundament will immediately inform the client of these changes, stating the excess deemed necessary and the causes that have lead to this excess.


Article 7: Premature Termination of an Assignment


If circumstances lead to one of the parties coming to the conclusion that the work will not have the desired useful effect, and further consultation does not lead to a positive conclusion that meets the client's requirements, the assignment can be terminated prematurely.


Het Fundament may also terminate the agreement under the circumstances where facts or circumstances arising from external influence where completion of the assignment cannot reasonably be expected of Het Fundament.


Upon termination of current work, Het Fundament is entitled to compensation for work performed up to the point of termination.


Article 8: Cancellation of Activity / Assignment by the Client


Upon cancellation of the activity, the client owes the following costs:


If a planned activity is canceled more than four weeks before the planned date, no costs will be charged;


For a cancellation between 2 and 4 weeks before the planned date, 50% of the total price;


For a cancellation two weeks before the planned date, 70% of the total price;


If canceled less than 7 days in advance, 75% of the total price is due;


If cancellation occurs on the day itself, 100% of the total price is due.


Article 9: Cancellation and reimbursement of Open Training


Where Het Fundament provides an open training, the following applies with regard to cancellation and reimbursement of the registration fee:

If Het Fundament cancels the training, regardless of the reason, the entire investment will be reimbursed to the participant.


You can cancel at any time before the training starts. A participant may transfer their investment to the next possible training date, or one of the other programs.


With respect to any type of non-attendance, reimbursement of training investment is not possible.


Attendees may offer their place to third parties. These alterations may only occur and inform Het Fundament up to 24 hours before the training starts.


Article 10: Payment and Collection Costs


All amounts and payments are stated in euros.


Payment must be made within 14 days after receipt of invoice.


In the case of a short-term assignment (workshop or another form of process supervision), half of the offered amount must be paid 14 days before the assignment commences.



If an invoice has not been paid four weeks after the due date, Het Fundament can charge statutory interest from the due date.


In the absence of timely payment, the client owes statutory interest on the outstanding amount including VAT from 30 days after the invoice date. In the absence of timely payment, Het Fundament is entitled to charge a reminder and administration fee.


If payment continues to not be forthcoming, the guidelines and amounts will be followed in accordance with the Extrajudicial Collection Costs Act 2012 (Nederlands incassowet 2012)

Article 11: Complaints

The client can submit complaints to Het Fundament up to 30 days after receiving an invoice. If the client does not complain within this period, the bill is deemed to have been approved.


Article 12: Liability


For damage to persons or goods at the client, caused as a result of negligence acting by Het Fundament in the performance of work in the context of the assignment given, Het Fundament is exclusively liable. Liability of Het Fundament for consequential damage, financial damage or other indirect damage is expressly excluded.

The Fundament is liable for damage as a result of non-performance in the performance of the assignment up to the amount that has been agreed for in the performance of the assignment.


Article 13: Other provisions


1. Terms and conditions that deviate from these General Terms and Conditions will be laid down in writing.

2. Disputes will be decided by the competent court.

3. Dutch law applies exclusively to agreements between Het Fundament and the client.




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