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What do we do? It's been a sticking point to answer in a single sentence, or even two or three. Yet it pays to be able to let such a sentence roll off your tongue with confidence. What is your Unique Selling Point, or U.S.P. To be honest, when asked, I had a tendency to ramble about. The healthy area of team collaboration is sometimes just too broad.

I know what I do, and how I help teams. it can be difficult to explain in just one or two sentences. As an entrepreneur sometimes you just have to keep to the point, I often hear! That is why I recently kicked myself out of my comfort zone, and arrived at the Open Coffee XXL, a small event organised for entrepreneurs in and around The Hague, and Rotterdam. In at the deepend with a round of "business speed dating".


sustainable collaboration

Hooray, 2019 is over! We can all start afresh and full of good spirits for 2020; new round, new opportunities!
What struck us at the end of 2019? The focus on connection, respect for each other, genuine listening, the visible need for really being together, really working together for the benefit of the result. As builders of the foundation for sustainable collaboration, for mutual understanding and trust, we were really happy about this.

trainers solving  professional conflicts with colleauges

Trainers Solving professional conflicts with colleagues should be easy for a trainer. I am lucky enough to be able to do what I really like: Help teams and managers to collaborate better, develop skills and gain insights into where interaction sometimes fails, to support each other in their learning to understand.


But what happens when a trainer ends up in their own professional conflict? 


Everybody has a Super Hero Button


 A few weeks ago I became inspired. My sons took home a friend's book. One of the questions therein was:
"What will you become when you grow up?"
To which they answered without doubt; "Superhero, of course!"
It brought me to the question: Where are the superheroes in daily life? Where are they in organizations, and what are the characteristics of superheroes? can you grow into a business superhero, how do you become a business superhero?  I started compiling a list of superhero attributes, and gradually it is being expanded with some extra features.

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Meetings ... a horror show, or the most productive business hours?


Research shows that employees spend around 25% of their working time on meetings, a percentage that increases as people move to higher management positions. Are you one of those seasoned meeting tigers who lives to meet, and makes each of their meetings a the most productive part of your day?  Congratulations, you are one of the few! however there are some horror shows out there. 


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