how to become a business superhero

Superhero Introductory Workshop


 A few weeks ago I became inspired. My sons took home a friend's book. One of the questions therein was:
"What will you become when you grow up?"
To which they answered without doubt; "Superhero, of course!"
It brought me to the question: Where are the superheroes in daily life? Where are they in organizations, and what are the characteristics of superheroes? can you grow into a business superhero, how do you become a business superhero?  I started compiling a list of superhero attributes, and gradually it is being expanded with some extra features.


I'm sure there are many more, so if you get inspired, let me know! I would like to add to this list.

  A superhero;  

· Has a clear goal ·

Connects with other people ·

Has super power, either; a unique talent · Know what his / her strength is and use it for the benefit of others and the common goal

· Works together 

Is visible ·

Is willing to learn ·

Has a gun factor and allows others to grow as well ·

Has a strong intrinsic motivation (sense of responsibility, justice) ·

Often has a strong moral code ·

Is available and approachable, he / she will come if you need him / her ·

Reflects on his / her behavior and feelings ·

Is empathetic ·

Does his / her best ·

Believes in something, stands for something ·

Continue and ask for help if needed ·

Know what is needed and take risks ·

Has a unique story about how he / she developed into a superhero, and it was never that easy (thanks to Nick Grooff)   


But the search for superheroes is not nearly finished yet. In fact, Lienke Pet and I started together, and we are getting more and more steam. We are convinced that we have seen and spoken to superheroes within organizations; superheroes who are "in the bud" in various ways and to varying degrees, and are not yet fully flowering.   Why is one not yet full of "superherohood"? There are many reasons, but becoming a superhero is not something you do simply and easily. It requires courage, love, self-knowledge, connection, perseverance, vision and much more.  

We would like to offer these people tools to find themselves further in their heroism; in finding oneself in expressing and utilizing their qualities, in becoming visible from individuality.  

The above conclusion ensures that Lienke and I are well on their way to building a LEF project. A trajectory of basically 4 days, in which those superheroes are supported in the bud to go for it, to blossom, to use their potential. The contours of day 1 are already visible, and we even have an option on a date in June for our first try-out / introduction workshop!   We will regularly keep you informed about our further progress.


So if you also want to become a business superhero or want to hear more about our first try-out right now, I would love to hear from you!