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Change Fatigue - Solved

Many teams work on (continuously) improving their "performance" or results, for example on the basis of KPIs or ambitious targets. Teams often use tools from Lean, WCOM, Six Sigma, Agile programs or other improvement principles, whereby a higher degree of ownership, preventive work, a productivity increase, or a cost reduction is sought.

Even with these tools, we often notice that teams and their managers become change fatigued, while looking for that higher degree of ownership, motivation and smoother collaboration. Operational managers and their teams can also become overwhelmed by all work and new change initiatives; producing a real deficit in expected results and real results.

Team members do not feel that they have much ownership of their work, are not inspired, confident in their colleagues abilities, or enthusiastic about the task in hand: There is clearly "something..." missing.

The team behind Het Fundament have witnessed disappointing and demotivating sessions, where in the long run, team-driving sessions in which the above issue were discussed, to break the negative spiral, did nothing but contribute further to negativity. 

We believe that things can be done differently, that the foundation for cooperation is missing. A foundation that arises, among other things, from learning to understand each other, seeing what interests are, entering into the real conversation with each other, listening without directly wanting to influence. It isn't that difficult. It just takes a bit of grit and determination to look at something and somebody differently in your team.

To be open to real collaboration.