Network Creates Value

Agreeing within the Differences


“We are an organization with a lot of diversity, and there is potential in that diversity. Can you help us to inspire our employees in a surprising way? We are about 300 people, and the program can last up to an hour. "



I recently received that wonderful question; and what a nice challenge I found! I intensively molded a surprising program that was short, tight, full of movement and easy to follow. I told people about my challenge and I was just surprised by the volunteers who came in and helped me get the materials for the sessions ready in time.

And so I set off, and ended the last session on diversity and inclusion with a lot of positive noise last Tuesday.

It turns out: With a good dose of flexibility, humor and creativity, you get a large group of people moving towards connecting with each other, even in an hour!

Thanks Friesland Campina Leerdam for recognizing the power of diversity and for the ambition to pay attention to it in a special way. We wish you every success and pleasure in making the connections made sustainable.